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Courses and Hire


All our courses are designed to meet our students' needs, in accordance with their abilities and ambitions. At KIMA you can learn rock, pop, jazz, classical and many more musical styles. You can progress at your own pace and leisure, without feeling any pressure. Ones you come and signed up with us, after our initial assessment, we will devise a curriculum that would suit your interest and abilities. It will be structured in a way involving all the necessary technical and aesthetic elements , which would help us to achieve your ultimate goal. All lessons are taught in English. Text books, scores and materials are also printed and communicated in English. Sourcing of our materials is a result of more then 20 years of our joined teaching experience in London, UK.

Available courses are:


Music & Movement and Montessori class

This course is design to combine our already established Music & Movement class with the Montessori curriculum. It is a 2-hour-weekly class, where the first hour is dedicated to the Montessori work, while the second one is devoted to the Music & Movement.
It is a one-year-course that is inclusive of all the Montessori subjects as well as musical knowledge and musical awareness skills.
The Montessori subjects are:
English language
Practical life

The Musical knowledge and musical awareness skills are:
Playing percussion instruments
Being introduce to different types of instruments (e.g. guitar (string), saxophone (wood wing), piano (tuned percussion)

More instrumental courses coming soon!


Our music and movement lessons are build on our years' experience of running this program in London UK. This activity has proven to be one of the most exciting and popular activity for pre-school children. For these lessons' curriculum we use the exact same materials and method as in the UK. Through this program our primary aim is for children to built on and develope their sense of rhythm, singing, dancing, concentration, social skills and improve their English vocabulary. This curriculum is delivered through numerous activities including singing, clapping, dancing, playing various instruments just to name a few. All our music and movement lessons are presented by two teachers at all times. They are 40 minutes long and take place four times a month. The maximum number of children per class is eight.


Our Musical Knowledge and Music Theory lessons are designed to improve and enrich our students' supporting knowledge, which we believe is necessary for any musical performer.
Musical knowledge lessons are for our students who feel that their knowledge of English is perhaps not sufficient enough in order for them to understand and gain the full potential from our instrumental lessons. During these lessons our students will be introduced to the musical vocabulary and meanings of the musical symbols necessary to understand and perform from a musical score, written in English. They will also be taught verbal and other non written instruction that may occur during a musical performance and/or recordings.
Musical theory lessons are for our students who feel that their level of English is sufficient enough for them to follow a more substantial knowledge lessons in English. During these classes they will be introduced to all the elements of musical theory including correct understanding and reading of music scores, chord and scale construction, chord substitutions, improvisation ect.
All our music knowledge and theory lessons are 30 minutes long taught in groups of no more then 10 students. The level of English knowledge and ability will be assessed by students' instrumental teacher, who will suggest which class should student attend. If the student feels, for example, that they have difficulty following the curriculum of the curtain class, their knowledge of English will be reassessed, an they will be transferred to an appropriate class.
Our Musical Knowledge and Music Theory lessons come as a part of our instrumental teaching curriculum and therefore are included in the instrumental courses fee.


We provide external visits to schools and other educational institutions. Our teachers could give individual instrumental lessons for any of the instruments above at your venue. We can train; run a monitor the progress of your school band, in many different styles including: classical, jazz, pop, rock and marching. We can prepare your band for an event, such as Christmas concert or competition. For the younger classes we provide Music and Movement sessions. If you already have a running music program we can provide you with monthly or one-off workshops on a specific subject or theme.


Joining Fee 8,000 yen

Weekly instrumental lesson

Theory lesson

Monthly Fee

30 minutes individual instrumental lesson (45 times per year)

1 hour per a month group lesson

14,500 yen

40 minutes individual instrumental lesson (45 times per year)

1 hour per a month group lesson

17,500 yen

60 minutes individual instrumental lesson (45 times per year)

1 hour per a month group lesson

19,500 yen

Tickets (valid 2 months)

30 minutes individual instrumental lesson

1 hour per a month group lesson

15,500 yen (4 tickets)

40 minutes individual instrumental lesson

1 hour per a month group lesson

18,500 yen (4 tickets)

60 minutes individual instrumental lesson

1 hour per a month group lesson

20,500 yen (4 tickets)

Piano group lesson

every Fridays 16:15-17:00

for 4-5 years old children

10,500 yen



Saturday montessori (twice a month)

2nd&4th SAT 15:00-17:00

10,500 yen

40 minutes music & movement lesson


8,500 yen


All our rooms are open for hire. There are three rooms in total. Two medium size rooms with upright piano, as well as a grand piano room. You can hire our rooms for practice, workshops, master classes and mini recitals. Our grand piano room can take up to forty audience.

Room size and type

Fees per hour

Grand room with grand piano

2,500 yen

Medium size room with upright piano

1,300 yen